Tech & Arts Tour

The Walking Tour around the Hub of Arts and Tech takes you through an industrial area that has undergone a massive transformation. From Soviet factories producing electric engines, record players, and textiles, it has evolved into a center of artistic expression and technological innovation. Along the tour, you'll explore venues like LOFTAS, which sparked the district's creative shift, and the Open Gallery, a vast street art exhibition. Additionally, you'll discover the district's role as a thriving hub for tech companies, with notable startups like Vinted and Nord Security leading the way.

Starting point: "Unicorns" (Vienaragių) bus stop, Švitrigailos g., next to the Cyber City building.

7 July 19:00
8 July 19:00
10 July 16:00
13 July 19:00 

Duration: 2 hours

Your guide will be waiting for you next to the bus stop "Vienaragių" sign, wearing a red vest or hat, so you will easily recognize him in the crowd.

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