Nato Summit stand-up locations

Best Locations for Nato Summit Stand-ups:

Looking for the best backdrops for your stand-ups or vox populi? Look no further. We've scouted the most camera-friendly locations, where exclusive architecture and captivating history intertwine. It’s easy to select the ideal spot that aligns with your topic. These prime locations are conveniently situated in Vilnius' Old Town and are in close proximity to government institutions, allowing you to secure prompt comments when needed. Check them out here or keep an eye out for special stickers on-site. 

Jonas Basanavicius Square. Overlooking the Lithuanian National Philharmonic Society building, the square is located between the City Hall and Gates of Dawn and is easily accessible on foot or by car. In the evenings, it becomes a bustling hub where locals gather, creating a vibrant atmosphere. The square is adorned with the monument of Jonas Basanavičius. His remarkable efforts toward Lithuania's independence from Russia have earned him the title of the patriarch of a nation.  Coordinates: 54.67660489292675, 25.288414898106765

Church of St. Catherine. Nestled in the heart of the Old Town, the Church of St. Catherine stands as a captivating testament to history. This remarkable Baroque church, boasting a rich heritage spanning over 300 years, presents a picturesque backdrop with its majestic spires reaching towards the sky. Severely damaged during WWII and reconstructed only in 1998, today, the Church of St. Catherine has taken on a new role as a cherished concert venue, revered for its impeccable acoustics. It has become a vibrant hub within the community, serving as a beloved meeting place for locals and visitors alike. Coordinates: 54.68193438673018, 25.28099722694511

Vilnius Street. It is an exciting choice to capture the vibrant nightlife of Vilnius. The action-packed street attracts a hip crowd of trendsetters enjoying long summer evenings. With a number of outdoor cafes, this pedestrian-friendly street doesn’t sleep. Coordinates: 54.685741305689376, 25.27961492899829

The Bell Tower of Vilnius Cathedral. Located next to Cathedral Square, in close proximity to the Presidential Palace, this long-standing classic meeting point holds a remarkable historical charm - the clock in the Bell Tower is older than Big Ben of London. Serving as a signature face of Vilnius, the place offers a view of two of the city's most important symbols: the Cathedral and the Gediminas Tower. Coordinates: 54.685828322428115, 25.286639497790535

Rotušės Square. This historic square, home to the iconic Town Hall, has witnessed the vibrant life of the city unfold for more than 600 years. Standing between the Presidential Palace, and the Gates of Dawn, it offers cinematic views of historical buildings leaving a lasting impression on tourists and locals alike. Coordinates: 54.6788031859573, 25.287404466585727

The Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania. Originally constructed in the 15th century, this palace experienced destruction but was rebuilt in 2013. The palace was most likely where the visionary Grand Duke Gediminas first mentioned Vilnius' name in his letters inviting merchants and craftsmen from all over the world. His monument in the square nearby marks the birth of Vilnius as the capital of Lithuania. Coordinates: 54.68542268923874, 25.28863101622946

Subačius Panoramic Viewpoint. Just a stone's throw away from the artistic Užupis district, this easily-accessible lookout offers a spectacular panorama of the Vilnius Old Town, iconic red roofs and majestic church spires.For an extra touch of romance, be sure to visit at dusk. Coordinates: 54.67763688659901, 25.300497440434377

Mount Gediminas. Rising proudly 48 meters above ground, this historic hill stands as one of the tallest points within Vilnius Old Town, offering an unparalleled 360° panoramic view of the city. Legend has it that this is where the idea of Vilnius was born in a dream to the Grand Duke Gediminas. Perched atop this iconic hill Gediminas Tower is one of the most important symbols of Vilnius. Coordinates: 54.68696782035029, 25.29127675360866

Vincas Kudirka Square. Situated on Gediminas Avenue, the artery of Vilnius Old Town, it boasts greenery and beautiful surrounding architecture. Being right next to the Office of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania, the square has been a witness to significant events in Lithuania's contemporary history. At its heart stands the monument honoring Vincas Kudirka, the author of the national anthem of Lithuania. This monument serves as a powerful testament to the incredible journey Lithuania has embarked upon as a nation. Coordinates: 54.687238, 25.279784

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