Jogging tour

Good morning, runners! Join us in captivating morning jogging tour along the River Neris, where you'll discover the history of Vilnius through its iconic bridges. You will explore the significance of the bridges, their role in the city's growth, and the transformation of surrounding areas into bustling districts. With stunning views of landmarks such as the Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theater and the Lithuanian Parliament, this tour offers a unique blend of exercise, history, and architectural beauty.

Starting point: Mindaugas monument, Arsenalo g. 

10 July: 6:30 AM
11 July: 6:30 AM
12 July: 6:30 AM
13 July: 6:30 AM

Duration: 1-1,5 hours.

Your guide will be waiting for you next to the monument, wearing a red vest or hat, so you will easily recognize him in the crowd.

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