Discovering Vilnius’Tech: A Journalist Get-Together

Vilnius City event for international media.

Informal dinner event hosted by the city of Vilnius.

July 12, 9:00 PM 

Once you finish with your NATO Summit engagements, Vilnius invites you to grab a drink, wind down, and chat about all of the nuts and bolts that drive Vilnius forward—a rapidly expanding tech scene and a lifestyle that balances work and play. At the event Discovering Vilnius’ Tech: A Journalist Get-Together, you’ll have the chance to mingle around, listen to good music, converse with like-minded peers, and learn something new about our capital.  

Vilnius’ tech sector has been thriving even in the face of global recession and mass layoffs. Why?  

Vilnius's tech-driven ecosystem of innovation, called Vilnius TechFusion, is the key factor here, perpetually propelling the city to explore new horizons. Vilnius is the number 1 city in fintech, a competitive player in the gaming industry, a rapidly growing world center for lasers, and an emerging leader in life sciences. We are the fastest-growing city in the CEE and have the second-fastest-growing startup ecosystem—it has increased 16 times within the last five years! 

Last year fDi Intelligence recognized Vilnius’ strategy as the best one. Work-life balance is at its ultimate high—Vilnius is among the top ten cities worldwide for creating a healthy environment to work and recharge.   

98% of Vilnius’ residents are happy to live here, and being one of Europe’s greenest capitals may have something to do with it.  

We are looking forward to wrapping up your visit to Vilnius at the event! 

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