About the "Bring the Light of Christmas to Your Balcony" Contest

Learn more about the rules of the contest.
  • 8-27 December: Register a picture of your balcony, terrace, window or yard decorated for Christmas on this page. You will receive a notification with further contest details within three days.
  • Since it is not possible to take photos of every balcony, a professional photographer will only contact selected participants. The photographer’s drone will approach your balcony or window at an agreed time and take a photo of your work from a safe distance.
  • The pictures taken by the drone will be posted on this page and used for the purpose of contest publicity, both in Lithuania and abroad.
  • 28 December: A jury of artists will select the 10 most creative balconies, terraces or windows out of all pictures posted on this page.
  • 29 December – 3 January: Pictures of the 10 finalists will be posted on the LRT.lt portal and readers will vote for the decorations they think are most impressive.
  • 4 January: LRT will tally the votes and announce the winner. The winner will be awarded a prize – one night’s stay (breakfast included) for two in the suite at Pacai Hotel located in Vilnius Old Town.
  • The winner will be personally contacted within five working days and the prize award document will be signed.
  • By participating, you agree with the rules of contest. The prize is not exchangeable for money.
  • The contest organiser is not responsible for damages incurred by contest participants. Employees of Go Vilnius and their family members cannot take part in the contest. The organiser can use photos with participants’ images for the purpose of contest publicity, both in Lithuania and abroad.
  1. Cover your window with a piece of white material and use a projector inside to show your own video clip on alternative Christmas, like you going to pick up a Christmas tree. Talk to a neighbour and agree to show a joint video installation across two windows.
  2. Wrap all the items on your balcony in gift-wrapping paper and wind garland lights around them. The larger the item and the more interesting its shape, the more appealing it will look when wrapped! If your balcony is not enclosed, choose a waterproof wrapping paper or another wrapping material.
  3. Hang a Christmas tree upside down on the balcony ceiling and decorate it with glowing medical masks.
  4. Buy a long garland of LED lights and spell “I LOVE MY NEIGHBOURS” across your windows.
  5. Inform your neighbours and play the JINGLE BELLS melody on your balcony at an agreed time every evening. Illuminate your balcony from the inside so that your neighbours know where this sincere music is coming from.
  6. Hang as many lamps, chandeliers and lights on your balcony as possible – the more interesting their shapes, the more original it will be. Don’t forget to turn the lights on every evening.
  7. Decorate the windows of your glazed balcony in a way that makes it looks full of snow. Use various stickers, different white materials, paint, artificial snow spray, etc.
  8. Draw or print Christmas-like eyes, nose, mouth and other features, then attach them to the window and turn your window or balcony into a large face. Think of clever ways to light it up.
  9. Paint your balcony black and draw a lot of eyes. Attach Christmas lights to these eyes and light them up in the dark. Name your installation, ‘Santa Claus sees everything’.
  10. Collect several empty boxes, use gift-wrapping paper to wrap them and attach them all around your balcony – on its ceiling, walls, windows. It would be even more interesting if you manage to securely attach them outside. The bigger the number of gifts, the more impressive the balcony!
  11. Do you have screens that you rarely use at home: monitors, computers, tablets or old phones? Display certain images on them, such as a burning fireplace, then attach them to your balcony or window so that these monitors are overlooking the street and passers-by can admire your window full of fireplaces.
  12. Make a large Christmas tree using unusual materials, like masks, gloves, boxes of sweets, books or clothes. The larger and more ingenious the tree, the more interesting it will be. Put it on the balcony and light it up.
  13. Hang many umbrellas on your balcony and light them up from the inside – they will transform into magic flying and illuminated Christmas umbrellas.
  14. Take a large unused bed sheet, use paint to write a big original greeting for the entire neighbourhood and hang it in your balcony. Think of more interesting ways to illuminate it so that the greeting is visible in the dark.
  15. Do you have a mannequin at home? Dress it up in as interesting a way possible, wind garland lights around it, attach a big lamp to its head and put it on your balcony. Let it be your Santa Claus.
  16. Do you have a toy train set? Think of how to attach the rails to your window, install lighting and let your neighbours admire a Christmas train running along your window.
  17. Are you planning to decorate your balcony with Christmas garland lights as usual? Think of some more interesting shapes or some magic form that your lights could acquire this year.
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