Melting with locals

Visiting Vilnius as a tourist can be fun, but it’s always more exciting to experience it like a local. Meet friendly people who will show you around the city or find new friends in the local hotspots. Lithuanians speak English well, so get ready for some tall tales and insider tips.

Meet a Local

Grab a cup of coffee or visit a museum with our friendly locals participating in the Meet a Local programme. They can share their secrets about Vilnius, show you their favourite spots around the city and give you insights into what it’s like to live in the Lithuanian capital. Our locals will take you on new adventures based on your interests, and above all, make sure you have a blast in Vilnius! So don’t hesitate to register.

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Lukiškių Square

If you love books, grab a coffee and take advantage of an open library under the trees. If the weather gets scorching, just walk right into the fountain to cool down, just as locals do.

Location: Lukiškių g., Vilnius 

Downtown Forest

Feel the camp vibes in the heart of the city. Downtown Forest Hotel to connect with nature, grill some BBQ or veggies outside, share your food with new friends, attend a concert by local artists and even stay in a tent.


Halės Food Market

Shop for food like a local – straight from the farmers. Learn more about the products you buy, discover new great recipes and taste new food. Linger here till the evening and you’re in for a night of partying and dancing to the rhythms of electronic music.


Active Zone at White Bridge

If you’re into an active lifestyle, grab your skateboard, scooter or BMX and show off your skills at this concrete skate park. Find a team to play beach volleyball with or flex your muscles at the open-air gym.

Local Beach

Go swimming in the Neris River and get bronzed without leaving the city centre, walking from the Old Town. The public Žirmūnai Beach is open for everyone and accessible to people with disabilities. The sandy beach is a great place to bask in summer or have a picnic.

Trying local places

While the crowds are visiting the most obvious bars and clubs, Vilnius has some less noisy places where locals love to hang out after a long week.

Burbulio Vyninė

Oder one of their many bottles of wine, strike up a conversation with the owner, ask for recommendations and pair your wine with delicious food and snacks. There’s nothing to be shy about!



Mexican food, a vintage atmosphere and great drinks are all you need for a memorable evening. Plus, the best things always happen at small places hidden away from the big crowds.


Neringa Hotel

Whether you’re a guest at the property or just passing through for a few drinks and a bite to eat, Neringa is an iconic institution worth checking out. Back in the day, it was a place where artists and intellectuals used to party until dawn while engaging in daring convos about their occupiers. These days, you can soak in the nostalgia and local design elements over vintage champagne or a selection of exclusive Portuguese wine directly from vineyards owned by the hotel. Head to the rooftop terrace for a breeze and a view, or grab a table outside and watch the world go by on Gediminas Avenue.  


Senatorių Pasažas

It’s one of the newest hotspots in the Old Town and is always filled with locals. Start your day on a terrace with a cup of coffee and a crispy pastry while admiring the impressive 17th-19th-century architecture, come for a nice lunch or evening with friends over a selection of savoury snacks and some biodynamic wine.


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A city with a story to tell
A city with a story to tell
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