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Top 10 Restaurants in Vilnius to Dine at this Holiday Season  

Memories are best created through the senses. So while you're exploring the best bits of Vilnius this holiday season, don't forget to taste the array of contrasting flavours throughout the city. You don't have to be a serious foodie to appreciate the culinary delights of Vilnius’ restaurants. Treat yourself to gourmet dishes, local delicacies, fine dining or traditional food.  

Augustas ir Barbora Love Story Café  

Relax from the seasonal craze and enter this fairy tale setting. The romance of La Belle Époque combined with the luscious festive decorations make your coffee and dessert even more special. You'll have plenty of photo opportunities for the perfect memories of Vilnius.  

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Feel the Christmas spirit on Savičius Street, which is lined with Christmas trees and lights. Enjoy the best of French cuisine and the Montmartre atmosphere with a holiday season twist.  

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Ponių Laimė 

Step back in time and enjoy a piece of the most traditional Lithuanian cake or French patisserie. This cafe is one of the city’s long-lasting legends. Get your coffee and dessert, sit at the window and enjoy people-watching on one of the most festive streets in Vilnius.   

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El Mercado 

If you're tired of winter, opt for Spanish market vibes and a long dinner chatting with friends. Or sit on a festive terrace looking at the Christmas decorations and enjoying some hot chocolate with churros.  

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Imperial Hotel & Restaurant 

Why not treat yourself to a fine dining experience complete with impeccable service? Try the special Christmas dishes and some elaborate favourites. Feel like a royal for a night!  

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Christmas is all about sharing and this sharing-plate type of restaurant is a great fit. An evening spent in an elegant holiday atmosphere among the walls of a 17th-century building will leave you feeling relaxed and happy.  

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It's not a restaurant, it's an experience! Go in for a tasting dinner and you'll feel like you’re in a gourmet theatre where every product plays a part in a gourmet performance. The change in form, colour and texture will look like the best Christmas magic trick and taste even better.  

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Enjoy your dinner overlooking one of the most beautiful Christmas trees at Vilnius Cathedral Square. If you're visiting just before Christmas, try to make it to the famous Christmas Eve dinner and taste the 12 traditional dishes that can be found on every family table in Vilnius, but with a chef's twist. 

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If you need a break from the Christmas decorations while going on a food adventure, check out the seasonal menu of Džiaugsmas. Enjoy traditional Lithuanian products and delicacies in their modern form. Your plate will be filled with local dishes, in-house cured meats and pickles, and attention to the finest details. 

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Paupys Market

Get ready for the ultimate food experience at Paupys Market, a new addition to Vilnius’ food scene. It’s a place that brings people together over authentic dishes.
If you’re looking to enjoy one of 16 restaurants or want to find unique food products for your culinary feast at home, Paupys Market is filled with delicious goodies. Bon appétit! 

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