Sustainable Holidays – Planting a Christmas Tree Forest

It's difficult to imagine Christmas without a Christmas tree at home – after all, where would Santa put all the gifts? It also keeps the darkest evenings of the season bright and happy, flooding rooms with childhood memories and a festive spirit. That’s why you'll always find at least a small Christmas tree in most homes around Vilnius. However, Christmas is not entirely about consumption! Inhabitants of Vilnius like their Christmas trees to be sustainable and often buy them potted, ready to be planted after the holidays. But where? Vilnius has found the perfect solution.  

Take a walk in the first Christmas Tree Forest in Vilnius near Verkiai Palace. Started in the Spring of 2021, the initiative encourages people to save their potted Christmas trees and plant them after the holidays to grow a new forest. The true results of this effort will only be visible in 20 years or so, but every little bit counts when you want to contribute to a more sustainable Christmas. So, even if not all of the planted trees survive, every year the forest will grow larger 

  • How do you take care of your Christmas tree if you want to plant it in the Christmas Tree Forest? 
    Don't forget to water it. 
  • After the holiday season, remove all the decorations and keep the tree outside (a terrace or balcony work perfectly well). 
  • Water it if the temperature is above freezing.  
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