Sights that’ll make your eyes light up 

Make sure your camera is fully charged because you're in for a treat in Vilnius! From stunning panoramas to the urban jungle and modern art – it's all there, ready for a picture perfect shot any time of the day. What are you waiting for? 

Gediminas Tower 

Meet the icon of Vilnius, which is almost 700 years old. Its red bricks pop against the backdrop of snow, making the tower the perfect photo star. Find its best angle from the Old Town or climb atop for a fresh look at the city. You haven’t truly visited Vilnius if you don’t take this photo. 

Bernardinai Garden 

A garden in winter? Absolutely! While plants sleep under blankets of snow, creative light installations will lead you on a romantic walk. Visit after dark for La Belle Époque vibes and French film noir. 

Vilnius University Complex 

The Baroque architecture of the 16th-century Vilnius University complex resembles iced gingerbread houses! When walking in the Grand Courtyard, get ready for a Harry Potter themed photoshoot. Sign up for a tour and you’ll end up in one of the most beautiful libraries in Europe.  

TV Tower 

Seen from almost everywhere in Vilnius, the TV Tower is 326-metres tall, which is taller than the Eiffel Tower! Did you know it also used to be the tallest Christmas tree in Europe? Warn up in the restaurant 165-metres above the ground and take 360° photos of Vilnius from a bird’s-eye view. 

Stikliai Street 

Narrow but filled with artistic charm, this street is full of magic. Don’t put your camera away just yet; you might meet a unicorn, walk in a forest and almost touch the clouds – all on one street. 

Glass Quarter 

This 600-year-old district is one of a kind. Don’t hesitate to peek into the quiet courtyards, where you may even come face-to-face with a bear. You can also greet some authentic inhabitants that are immortalised on the walls of the quarter. The narrow cobblestone streets are perfectly lit for a romantic photoshoot.   

Literatai Street 

The authors of the world are available for a meet and greet on this street 24/7; all you have to do is find them. It might take a while, as there are more than 200 unique tributes to various authors. And the best part – they aren’t camera-shy.  

Užupis Art Incubator 

You can cross a border in Vilnius and find yourself in the independent Republic of Užupis, which is overflowing with art in its streets and even on the river. The works of art are constantly changing, so there’s always an element of surprise. Take a picture today, because it can be gone tomorrow! Best time to visit? 24/7 because art is always available. 

A 3D Tale in Cathedral Square 

Experience the magical moment when a fairy tale comes to life on the walls of the Cathedral. You’ll soon forget where you are and be instantly teleported into an extraordinary world. Watch the 3D Tale from 25 to 29 December.  

Town Hall Square 

Don’t miss out on the light installations at Town Hall Square, especially if you’re looking for some artistic backdrops. Play with the light, check out the Christmas tree and get some souvenirs at the Christmas market.  

Courtyard of Pacai Hotel  

Enter through the gate and you’re in the romantic courtyard of a historic 17th-century mansion that perfectly blends Baroque grandeur with its modern details. Maybe you’ll see a polar bear or a forest of Christmas trees. Whatever it is, you’ll want to capture it on camera.  


Find yourself in a Christmas dreamland. Pair coffee and desserts with unique photos to remember the moment. The holiday décor is always on point, down to the finest detail, both inside and out!  

St. Anne's Church  

If you're looking for a good story to go along with your photos, this place is a must! Legend has it that Napoleon was so in love with St. Anne’s Church that he wanted to bring it home to Paris in the palm of his hand. The laced red bricks even look like a festive decoration. 

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