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Wave Goodbye to 2021 in Vilnius!  

Vilnius will prove to you that the end of this year is worth celebrating. The festive atmosphere seeps into your soul and wakes up your inner party animal. After all, 2022 is the year of the Tiger, so meet it with a roar. Don’t get lost in making choices, check out the best spots to celebrate in Vilnius. 

Meet the New Year 

Last year, social distancing made it impossible to share the special moment surrounded by a crowd of happy strangers. That's why counting down to the beginning of 2022 surrounded by other partygoers this New Year’s Eve will feel even more special. Cathedral Square is your go-to location to usher in the year and find some new friends to continue celebrating with. While the clock of the Cathedral Bell Tower strikes midnight and the fireworks start, try to stand on the Miracle Tile and make a wish. May 2022 bring you joy! 

Dine with a view of the main Christmas tree  

An evening dinner feels that much more special when you can look out at Vilnius’ world-famous Christmas tree while you’re eating. Restaurants around Cathedral Square offering different styles of cuisine are a great choice for a festive evening. If you're staying in one of the hotels around Cathedral Square, take advantage of the opportunity to have breakfast with a view as well. Make sure to think ahead and book a table on New Year's Eve well in advance, this way you'll be able to be at the centre of the action. When midnight comes, you can comfortably watch the fireworks without going into the cold.  

Party in town 

The holiday season is never quiet in Vilnius. Even though Christmas is more of a family affair in Lithuania, you won't have to sit alone in your hotel room! Join the locals at a nightclub to dance to electronic music or go for a round of drinks in the so-called Bermuda Triangle of Vilnius and Islandijos Streets, which are filled with bars at every step. On New Year's Eve, check out the parties around town – costume parties, concerts, lotteries and events will give you a chance to meet 2022 in style. Get ready to party till dawn. 

Set in the holiday mood  

Vilnius is filled with concerts, plays, performances and art shows leading up to the main celebration. Traditional classical music concerts set the mood throughout December, while ballets and operas – the winter classics – invite guests to experience the magic on stage. Electronic and Lithuanian musicians give their best performances around town, while the Christmas fair is perfect for last-minute gifts and discovering Lithuanian creators. A charity fair organised by different embassies in Vilnius will give you a chance to explore different cultures, creative workshops are a nice way to bring  handmade souvenirs home from Vilnius, and, of course, there's the whole set of events for those interested in alternative, modern Christmas, minus all the carols and gingerbread.  

Watch the fireworks bloom in the sky 

Ring in the New Year with a bang of fireworks in the sky. While you can watch them bloom over the city from almost everywhere, locals know the hottest spots to get the best view and some amazing photos. Cathedral Square is an obvious choice because that's where the main fireworks show takes place. But you can be smart about it and climb the Hill of the Three Crosses to watch the fireworks above the crowds. Or go to the Subačius viewpoint to see the fireworks over the panorama of the Old Town. But don't worry too much if you don't make it to the most popular places – just go to the nearest open space and you'll still be able to enjoy the show 

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